The Russian state Duma has postponed the second reading of the draft law on digital assets, defining the status of cryptocurrency in the autumn session. Earlier it was reported that the document will be considered until July 29. This is with reference to the Chairman of the Duma Committee on financial markets Anatoly Aksakov write “news”.

About a possible postponement of the discussion of the complete version of the bill Aksakov warned at the end of June. Then, in comments to RIA, he bound the likely delay in natural complexities of supervision of the decentralized economy:

“The blockchain is of transboundary nature, such as bitcoin, we set the regulation, and the work will be nothing. It is therefore necessary to determine what we can realistically handle and have, on this basis, the norms prescribe, first, defining the rules of work, second, to protect the investors who participate in it.”

Now the preparation of amendments to the bill on digital of financial assets is a separate working group.

Also Aksakov said that his Committee would not develop a separate tax regimes for mining and sale of cryptocurrencies. This means that relevant activities are saved rates under the Tax code of the Russian Federation: 13% for individuals ‘ income and floating (depending on form of business) is legal.

Part of the professional community does not agree with the Committee’s position. Vice-President of the Association of banks of Russia Anatoliy Kozlachkov believes that the special tax regime are relevant in this case and that, most likely, the Treasury will deliver the relevant initiative after the adoption of the bill on second reading, when “most conceptual issues can be resolved the basic contradictions of the cut.” Timur Nigmatullin analyst “Discovery Broker” stressed that the cryptocurrency should be taxed as other assets as they are not recognized as legal tender.

The purpose of the bill is enshrined in Russian law definitions related to the digital economy, such as: a smart contract, a token, cryptocurrency, and others. Development of the cryptocurrency legislation was initiated on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin; originally published decree period adoption of the law on digital of financial assets was held on July 1.

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