Representatives of the ruling party of Spain introduced a bill on the use of the blockchain in public administration.

The draft law was submitted to the Congress of deputies, the lower house of the Spanish Parliament, 133 members of the ruling people’s party last week. The document is Advisory in nature and describes the benefits of implementation of a blockchain technology in governance. However, no concrete action, it doesn’t offer and the time frame is not indicated.

The document States that the reasons why the state should “look at” the blockchain is the possibility of improving internal procedures as well as ensuring the control, reliability and transparency in the process of managerial decision-making. Besides, it could bring the government additional revenue, through the promotion of a new model of the establishment of agreements in logistics, tourism or infrastructure.

Another opportunity opened with the wide use of public or private blockchains, is called the support of the secondary market of goods and services. The blockchain facilitates its functioning and can be a tool to fight unemployment and low productivity. The authors of the document suggest to the authorities to pay attention to training developers, the blockchain, and help increase their number.

The popular party, Spain has always been known for their loyalty to the cryptocurrency sector, and Government in General supports the introduction of the legislative regulation. So early in the year, legislators have developed a number of rules and regulations for companies working with digital currencies and bloccano. A special item was the tax breaks for investment in digital currency. Thus, facilitating the holding of ICO, legislators hope to bring cryptocurrency and blockchain startups.

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