Uzbekistan is going to have intensified in the country’s digital economy and to modernize the current system of governance with blockchain. For this President, Shavkat Mirziyoev recently signed the corresponding decree.

About upcoming innovations became known in the end of February, when a local newspaper “Vzglyad” reported that the government announced its intention to publicly announce plans for regulating the blockchain and cryptocurrency until September 2018. Also, the publication mentioned the establishment of a competence centre on the blockchain, the opening of which was scheduled for early July.

According to the decree dated 3 July, it is expected that by the beginning of 2021, the blockchain is integrated in most public services, and will also be used to optimize the operation of companies, the share of which has state.

In addition to establishing the aforementioned centre for training its own personnel, Uzbekistan plans to appeal to the international blockchain experts and cooperate with foreign cryptograhically.

To carry out the country’s activities related to digital currencies (including mining and creation of kryptomere), you will need to obtain a special license. It is noteworthy that according to the decree, scriptactive will be subject to limited taxation:

“Operations of legal entities and individuals associated with the turnover of scriptaction, including those undertaken by non-residents is not taxable, and income earned on these operations are not included in the tax base on taxes and other obligatory payments”, — quotes “the” the text of the document.

It is worth noting that one country in Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan, in the spring announced plans to build on the blockchain database of patent records to Kyrgyzpatent. This initiative will be implemented jointly with the Russian IPChain.

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