One of the official creators of the data blocks of the network the EOS, authorized to decisions through Consensus, offered users a financial reward for choice of node as a proxy.

In a post published on Medium, the owner of EOS-node-stated that “after the delegate users the authority of the proxy server, they will be able to obtain continuous and stable income in the cryptocurrency EOS”. The text was also explained in detail how to vote for block-producer, so he “became” a proxy server.

While the initiator of the distribution of prizes to the users has not commented on this statement, however, cryptologist already accused him of violation of the principle of decentralization, which conceptually should be the basis of network EOS. Writes in his post, this step is just an attempt to increase the loyalty of holders of token EOS.

“Cryptocurrency “winter” has come. How much faith you have lost?”, — asks the author of the post. — “Starteos going to stay with YOU, our most important and best friends! And we want to share with you revenue and to overcome all the difficulties together.”

Interestingly, after voting for Starteos and assign it to a proxy server, the user can switch between different modes of remuneration: “stable income”, “income from mining” and “casual income”. Included in the latter mode the user need to play slot machine simulator Fruit Lucky to get tokens EOS.

Despite all the assurances of the authors in security initiatives, analysts continue to insist that it was a strategically wrong decision. Experts from the publication of the Finance Magnates wrote that the constant payment to the users of funds in a separate nod are leap to centralize network EOS.

However, now it is not clear whether decentralization is really the goal of EOS. As stated earlier, this fall’s technical Director Dan Larimer (Daniel Larimer), the network was originally conceived not as decentralized. Larimer noted that the real goal EOS always had the desire to get rid of the censorship and increase resistance to forced deactivation”.

Recall that last month, the arbitrator decided to return to one of redditors funds lost during a phishing attack. To do this, the arbitrator had to cancel already confirmed the transaction, it is impermissible for platforms positioning themselves as a trusted and transparent platform. Then EOS hit the first major wave of criticism.