Protective Protocol Monero the technology to “Bulletproof” cryptographers from Stanford University and University College London passed the test of experts on cyber security Kudelski Security.

Monero official account on Twitter reports that the report Kudelski stated only a “few minor flaws”. The results of independent audits of Protocol will soon have to provide Quarkslab (also a company specializing in cyber security) and co-author of technology, Bunt Benedict (Benedikt Buenz).

Protocol “Bulletproof” needs to improve the security of confidential transaction and to reduce the volume occupied by them on the blockchain. In addition, it is expected that it will increase the speed of processing transactions and reduce the fee. The developers of Monero Research Lab predict a decrease of transaction sizes and fees for their treatment by 80%.

Report Kudelski in General appreciates the work done by the Monero adaptation “Bulletproof” in a positive way. According to specialists, discovered in the Protocol flaws can be attributed to its increased complexity and limited test program. They also noted the absence of any inconsistencies in the Java and C versions of the Protocol. The problems mentioned Monero hopes to overcome before full integration of the “Bulletproof” with bloccano in September-October this year.

Monero Research Lab first announced its intention to use the technology “Bulletproof” in December 2017. The decision was made as a compromise between maintaining a high degree of privacy of users and the need to reduce the network load.

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