Redditor under the name auti9003 found the decision of the arbitrator network EOS on the return of funds to the wallet, the victim of a phishing attack. According to this decision already podtverjdenie transaction was reversed, which caused a wave of criticism from users, who accused the network centralization.

Referee Ben gates (Ben Gates) in the text of the decision indicated that it was guided by the mandate described in the Constitution — the internal rules of the community EOS:

“By the power vested in me under article 6 of the Rules of dispute settlement, I, Ben gates, decide that access to the EOS-account in question should be returned to the applicant immediately, and freezing the funds in the wallet of the account withdrawn.”

EOS is not the first time criticized due to the excessive concentration of power, however, the technical Director of the startup Dan Larimer (Daniel Larimer) stated that the platform was initially conceived as a “decentralizovanno”. In an interview with YouTube channel, “Colin Talks Crypto,” he said

“We are committed to decentralization. We are committed to the absence of censorship and high resistance to forced deactivation”.

In the thread on Reddit, the open auti9003, many point out that without decentralization EOS is not fulfilling its tasks, even compared to traditional, more concentrated structures. Users also expressed surprise at the fact that with all the EOS has managed to raise $4 billion:

“How does anyone prefer it in my Bank account and traditional, [fully] legal system? They collected $4 billion on creating copies of existing legal system with a token that is neither resistant to censorship, no permanence”.

A full launch of the blockchain EOS was held in June of this year. Since then, the startup has frequently appeared in the media in a negative way: in addition to accusations of centralization, network EOS several times became the “entry point” for hackers trying to withdraw funds from cryptocurrency exchanges.