Member of the legislative Assembly of the state of new York Ron Kim (Ron Kim) initiated the use of currency new York community (NYCC) to support local residents and small businesses.

In his proposed bill number A11018, said about the launch of 10 pilot programs which will be created a local currency use — crypto-currencies or other alternative digital forms of money.

With their help, residents will be able to shop at small, family-run stores, thereby helping them to compete with the large shopping centers and franchises. In addition, this should lead to an increase in the number of jobs in these small businesses.

Under the bill, the blockchain technology will help to make a smooth transition to the new money and the program will have “a significant long-term social effect.”

The document also stresses that this initiative on the one hand will allow to overcome the “unjustified negative perception” of cryptosphere among the older generation, and the other will be positively accepted by the young people who are not only familiar with this technology, but waits for its widespread practical use.

“Giving this form of currency new application, we will give people the opportunity to take responsibility for the growth of the local economy. Using the local currency, the residents will contribute to the fact that the money remained in their areas will be able to pay taxes, and earn rewards for positive civil action,” — said in the text of the bill.

It should be noted that in practice there are such cases of introduction of local currencies. So as an example, the paper listed the Bergen-op-Zoom and Tholen, located in the Netherlands, where for several years there is a program SamenDoen.

Its main task — promoting dynamic and sustainable communities. This Autonomous monetary model has been successfully used to shopping in local stores, charity, and encouragement of the citizens from the agencies of real estate, health care and social security.