By the middle of next year in Switzerland is scheduled to launch a new trading platform for licenzirovanie digital assets. Its development involved SIX Group is a financial service provider that controls the infrastructure of the financial center of the country.

In a recent interview with a local newspaper Swissinfo news, a spokesman of the company noted that the Swiss Infrastructure and Exchange (SIX) Group is considering adding to its digital trading platform services cryptotrading.

The representative of the SIX Group Stephan Meier (Stephan Meier) said that with the new service, the company wants to create a safe environment for issuing and trading digital assets, as well as tokenization of existing securities and non-banking assets which was previously unavailable for trading.

The main goal is to use the capabilities SIX associated with consulting services for IPO, to help the organizers of the ICO to create a convincing Declaration of values. The service will offer them assistance in training their token to the primary offer, from consulting to listing and trading services.

“The market there is a real need for transparency and control of the crypto-world. They need a stable and credible environment in which they can make a listing of the digital asset, and to sell them and convert,” said Meyer.

He stressed that the issues of listing specific products, and also whether a particular trade will be available on this new platform, cryptocurrency or token-ICO remain “open”. However, according to him, SIX Group will have the technical ability to add to the platform of any digital asset.

“We want to build a bridge between traditional financial services and digital communities. Ultimately, we want to make available to customers the most important functions regulated exchange and provide a reliable basis for the financing of entrepreneurial projects and investment decisions,” said Meyer.

Reliability of assets is one of the priority conditions for adding new tokens, so each of them before listing will have to wait for a thorough inspection.

In addition, before the launch of the platform, it is important to find out exactly how digital assets will be determined in accordance with applicable Swiss law. Currently SIX Group continually consults with regulatory authorities to determine “the areas in which you need to make adjustments or additions to the legal framework”.

Note that last week the Association of analysts in conjunction with the Crypto Finance Conference has provided the results of the research, according to which Switzerland is the second country in the list of “most favorable” for the ICO, in terms of funds raised. At the top of this list is the USA, followed by Singapore.

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