The world’s largest Corporation on manufacture of beer Anheuser-Busch InBev has announced the launch of an advertising campaign, for which they use the Ethereum blockchain.

The campaign was launched together with the mobile platform for digital marketing Kiip that use the blockchain for data recording and tracking. The experiment began two weeks ago, and it involves the most popular brands of AB InBev: Budweiser, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Limeatrita and Estrellas.

It is expected that the blockchain will provide control for the delivery of mobile ads to the consumer and broaden the scope of each individual Declaration. Also the experiment must solve the problem of fraud from the advertising messages by enhancing transparency: all users of the mobile application have access to the actual database of the campaign. Kiip has functionality different metrics, including impressions, engagement, and price. They are all encoded in the Ethereum blockchain, and the company can check these figures every hour. The technology greatly reduces the time for analysis of the metrics required under the standard methodology.

The launch of the new advertising campaign is not the only step AB InBev in the direction of the cryptocurrency sphere. In March, the company joined a consortium to experiment with the use of the blockchain in global transportation. The consortium members used a solution developed by Accenture for the implementation of 12 real transportation in various jurisdictions, each of which has specific requirements. Tests have shown that the solution Accenture has reduced operating costs and increased supply chain visibility.

And in may, the conference Consensus 2018 in new York Civic startup, founded by entrepreneur Vinnie Lingeman (Vinny Lingham), introduced the world’s first crypto vending machine with beer. The prototype was built in collaboration with AB InBev. The machine uses the blockchain to verify the age of the customer: just need to approach him and start a special application of the Civic in the smartphone. If the buyer has reached the age of majority, you will be able to buy beer. Thus, the blockchain can help a specific segment of goods to market in a previously inaccessible form of small retailing.

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