This morning the rate of BTC on cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex rose from $6300 to $7500. The increase was caused by the decrease in the cost stablein Tether, USDT. The real current value of all bitcoins is estimated at $6400 (according to CoinMarketCap at the time of publication).

According to CCN, the underlying causes of price spikes both cryptocurrency assets are delisted USDT on KuCoin, as well as the close relationship between Bitfinex, Tether and Noble Bank, the former banking partner of the exchange. According to unconfirmed reports, the issuing company USDT, Tether LLC, Bitfinex is owned or controlled by the same persons. As a consequence, any significant change in price may affect the trading platform offers.

After removing from the auction KuCoin and the subsequent corrections USDT lost 4% of the required value $1, thus creating a margin on all exchanges, working with activists — including on Bitfinex.

As an alternative, causes a jump some analysts say the influx of capital from Asian investors who have invested large amounts in some of the most popular cryptocurrency, accidentally coincided with the decline of the Tether. In favour of this version tells and the dynamics of growth of volume of trading BTC for the last 14 hours, this figure had grown from $3 billion to $6.3 billion.

Informed investors have expressed suspicions that the Tether is not sufficient to ensure their token-dollar stock. Suspicion was exacerbated by the publication of a report on the audit of which was entrusted to the accounting to a third party, as is customary in the industry, and specialists in law firms.

Recall that in June a study was published professors of the University of Texas at Austin (USA) found a strong correlation between support for the exchange rate for bitcoin and obort USDT.