The investor filed a lawsuit against a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange OKCoin. The plaintiff accuses the company that it did not provide him the opportunity to withdraw 38,748 token Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which appeared after last year’s fork of the network. Exchange, in turn, responds that the investor missed a deadline for cryptocurrency.

According to the publication Legalweekly, this is the first judicial incident in China associated with a fork of bitcoin. The plaintiff, known under the pseudonym Feng bin (Bin Feng), argues that in early December of 2017 could not withdraw from the exchange your 38.748 BCH, equivalent to the amount of BTC that was in the account to fork, even though the exchange promised to provide this opportunity. After unsuccessful attempts to find the appropriate button to output bin turned support OKCoin, and she replied as follows:

“You mentioned the “button” was a program that automatically perform the translation of the BCH into the user’s account. You can no longer obtain BCH, since the program has been removed from the platform. If you withdrew funds earlier, to do it impossible”.

This statement is contrary to the company’s promises made in August 2017. Then OKCoin assured users that each client holds accounts with bitcoin, the platform will provide the corresponding amount of tokens Bitcoin Cash.

“I carefully watched all the ads on OKCoin fork. None of them had information about the deadline of receipt [bitcoin cash] or deletion of the program,” said Binh.

Now the investor requires a compensation for the losses incurred by him due to the lack of the ability to sell BCH at the highest price. Thus, the bin determines the amount of damage in 169 969 yuan, or approximately $25 000.

Meanwhile, OKCoin has questioned the legitimacy of the claims of Feng bin’s, disputing his right to possession of the funds. The company cited a lack of trading activity of the account to the plaintiff for 2017, “abnormal”, given the market conditions of that period.

This is not the first to remark about the work of the company. In March an independent trader cryptocurrency conducted a study of trading volumes on major exchanges, on the basis of which concluded that the Hong Kong marketplace OKEx, which is operated by OKCoin, fabricates data on trading volumes.

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