The managing Director of the International monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde (Christine Lagarde) urged world governments to consider the prospect of release of official government cryptocurrency. During his speech at the Singapore Fintech Festival Lagarde said the organization’s digital assets and more told about their benefits: financial inclusion, enhanced protection of customers ‘ funds and privacy.

The head of the IMF began the speech by stating that the role of Central banks as issuers of currency in the financial support of trade is reduced in connection with the expansion of the network of international non-governmental economic relationships and, as a consequence, the increasing demand for a universal medium of exchange. However, some countries — like the IMF — to take adaptive steps that, said Lagarde, you need to make a worldwide trend:

“Central banks in various countries, including Canada, China, Uruguay, and Sweden are seriously considering this opportunity. They are ready to accept new ideas and new approaches, as well as finished and the IMF.”

Arguments in favor of the release of the state of crypto-currencies, Lagarde mentioned that cryptocurrency can solve a number of problems in the event of the collapse of the disappearance of cash as means of payment. In particular, it considered further the issues of economic participation in remote regions, preventing oligopoly of electronic payment systems and traceable, but anonymous payments.

Lagarde also noted that unequivocal assurance that cryptocurrency destabilisateur the world economy, no. Summing up, the head of the IMF urged listeners to overcome fears in relation to digital assets.

Colleague Christine Lagarde, Ross Leckow (Ross Leckow) was more evasive, answering a question about the current policy of the IMF in relation to cryptocurrencies. During the panel discussions with the participation of the CEO of Ripple brad Garlinghouse he noted that the organization adheres to the “balanced approach”.