Canada will host another Convention dedicated to the cryptocurrency. DogeCon, scheduled for June 21-24, is designed to “stimulate collective dialogue about the blockchain technology, voluntarism and non-hierarchical self-governance within the community”.

As organizers of DogeCon 2018 Vancouver will speak NCO Carpe Lunam Events Association, specializing in events of such format for members of the cryptocurrency industry. In the past, Carpe Lunam has collaborated with many major projects, among which the Presearch, UBIQ, Honey Badger, CoinCards, BitNational, Sam Osei Law Association Chainsafe Systems, CryptoAsylum, ESL Coin and Blockchain Gaming.

“It’s not just a Convention dedicated to Dogecoin,” explained one of the organizers. “This is a major economic conference with a share of playfulness, “convent” with a focus on gamification, entertainment and engagement.”

Schedule DogeCon consists of four main events as well as presentations on the development of technology, art and culture in Vancouver. The format of the event provides a lot of open discussions with the supporters of the classical economic theories of cryptocurrency economists and ordinary investors and fans of Dogecoin. It is known that the speakers will be one of the founders of Ethereum Bob Summerville (Bob Summerwill) and the settlor Giveth Griff green (Griff Green). It is expected that the Creator of Dogecoin Jackson Palmer (Jackson Palmer) will also be attending the conference along with representatives from some well-known projects.

Discussion part of the dilute command open hackathon, during which participants will have to develop a solution to add Dogecoin wallets best wallet.

The entertainment section includes events with live music, lunch, outdoor folk concert to dance sets and rap battles among the participants and guests of the conference. In addition, visitors can enjoy a secular holiday Healing Moon Launch Ceremony themed cocktails, art installations and parade of puppies breed Shiba-inu — character of the Internet meme doge and Dogecoin.

The main event of the Convention promises to be DogeQuest Scavenger Hunt — a competitive adventure in downtown Vancouver in a dystopian cyberpunk setting. The winner will receive a prize of one million Dogecoin.

Those who will not be able to purchase tickets in advance at the conference will be able to participate as volunteers.

Meanwhile, in another province of Canada, Quebec, local authorities are preparing new restrictions on the blockchain-industry. In particular, last Thursday, was adopted a moratorium on the approval of mining initiatives.

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