The Ethereum developers have outlined a new provisional launch date of the hard forks of Ethereum Constantinople, is January 16.

Recall that the update of the second largest network of the blockchain, which should be the basis of many systemic changes to improve the platform code in order to enhance its effectiveness, was planned for October. However, in the framework of the test run, the team faced unforeseen challenges that demanded a longer period of development.

The decision to launch January 16, has the status of a non-binding verbal agreement, it can be inconclusive. Indeed, on Friday within the framework of the next video conference the developers said that the launch of Constantinople may be delayed again if there will be problems.

“We can only say — the middle of January, it doesn’t matter, we have appointed a specific date or not. We can always postpone,” said developer Peter Silage (Péter Szilágyi).

Also during the teleconference, the developer Rettig lane (Lane Rettig) shared his thoughts about the so-called “bomb the complexity of” Ethereum algorithm embedded in the code of the blockchain, which continually complicates the process of mining blocks, and is a kind of incentive for regular updates of the network.

According to Rettig, this issue will become more urgent in January, and by April-may next year, “a bomb of complexity” will lead to a 30-second index time block.

“We have time, no major concern there,” said the developer.

Constantinople holds the bomb of the next 18 months, also reducing the reward for mining Ethereum with up to 3 ETH 2 ETH for the block.

An upgrade also includes various aspects of optimizing the code Ethereum. And yet, in the course of the video call is not the subject for possible inclusion into the draft update network changes ProgPoW Constantinople, which standartisied mining Ethereum, making it available only through General purpose equipment and interlocking specialized ASIC miners. However, the developers have reported some problems with its implementation, stressing that the official specification of the code is not complete.

In this regard, Silage urged that all elements of the software updates Constantinople, which includes conducting hard forks, was presented before the end of the year. In particular, he asked all customers to provide a “stable version” before Christmas.

It is worth noting that a few days ago the developers of Ethereum also unveiled an alternative plan Protocol Casper.