The developers of blockchain Ethereum announced the postponement of the test date Constantinople — the upcoming systemwide upgrade on a test environment Ropsten.

As explained in his Twitter Siladi Peter (Péter Szilágyi), head of group of developers at Ethereum Foundation, the deadline was postponed in order to give customers — individuals and legal entities, providing the Ethereum network nodes or computer servers more time to address the vulnerability discovered in one version of Constantinople.

In addition, the delay would be useful for curators of other Ethereum projects, conducting tests on testnet Ropsten. For example, the authors of the solutions for scaling the network Raiden will get extra time to prepare for the future hard forks. As you know, during the upgrade will change the principle of the execution and the storage of the hashes of the block. Active nodes Ropsten will need to perform all these updates at the same time or divide the network into two blockchain to mitigate the risks. However, the second option is not suitable Raiden: as told by the main developer of the project, Karapetsas Lefteris (Lefteris Karapetsas), even a temporary separation network Ropsten can lead to the fact that testing Raiden would be impossible, and the project is already close to the stage of release.

To avoid potential technical difficulties for testnet Ropsten, core developer of Ethereum Alex Akhunov (Alexey Akhunov) suggested to run a separate test network, and at the same time solve some obvious problems that exist in Ropsten.

New date for the test launch of Constantinople by 4.23 million unit Ropsten scheduled for October 14. As warned, Silage, any longer delay would have had an even more busy season for core developers Ethereum that October 30 will go to the fourth annual conference Devcon4. Earlier, in July, the developers have promised to activate Constantinople before the start of the conference.