The implementation code for Constantinople — the next system-wide upgrade Ethereum have already begun.

According to the developers, the next meeting which happened yesterday, Constantinople will be activated before the conference Devcon4 scheduled for the period from October 30 to November 2.

As you know, the second and final part of a series of upgrades (first — Byzantium — was activated in October of last year) includes a variety of optimization mechanisms aimed at improving the efficiency of the platform and lower commissions.

As a rough road map, the stage of implementation should end on August 13. Then followed two months of testing, including the launch of a specially designed test network.

However, the exact block number at which you work the updated code that does not imply possibility of cancellation until approved.

On the other hand, following the meeting, all four suggestions for improving Ethereum (EIP) currently under implementation.

“Suggestions for improving Ethereum mostly ready,” said Peter Silage (Péter Szilágyi), a leading developer of popular Ethereum client Geth.

So, the work on EIP 210 organizing a new order of storage of the hash of the block in Ethereum, and EIP 145, increases the speed of calculations Ethereum virtual machine (EVM). In addition, we are talking about the EIP 1014 that adds a new state-channels, and EIP 1052 — new operating code that compresses the data volume in the interaction contracts.

Two potential changes while in the discussion, these are important questions about possible delay “bombs of complexity” Ethereum and the mechanism that can negate the so-called “gas crisis” through optimization of the calculation of the cost of gas.

It is worth noting, the topic is likely to change the difficulty of mining was also addressed by developers, however, the decision is still pending — the issue is quite controversial due to the different consequences for different stakeholders.

“We are not going to decide this issue today,” — said the moderator of the meeting, Hudson Jameson (Jameson Hudson).

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