Brazilian organization developers EOS RIO found a fake version they created cryptocurrency wallet in the international Google Play.

SimplEOS application was published in the store for Android devices on behalf of EOS RIO, but the organization has warned users that a full release of their wallet has not yet taken place. The developers claim that they have taken all the necessary steps to fake was removed from Google Play.

The exact number of downloads SimplEOS is not yet established; according to The Next Web, the program is no longer available at least in the version of Google Play for the Netherlands.

Typically, these purses are loaded with the purpose of gaining access to the users and their personal data, including data about the account, passwords, and private keys.

Similar has happened before: in October, Apple removed from the App Store third-party EOS-wallet after the owners of the YouTube channel “CRYPTOTWINS”, made public the story of the theft of their cryptocurrency investments worth more than $8000 after using this purse.

Despite some improvements and intentions to optimize the internal rules of EOS, the reputation of the network suffers not only because of the fraudulent use of the brand, but also its own flaws in security systems. So, in September, criminals managed to generate counterfeit tokens EOS on the original blockchain, and exchange them for exchange.