Published a new concept of the Protocol to improve anonymity in Bitcoin transactions, Cash (BCH) and the roadmap project, developing effective mixer for great opportunities in the field of the BCH interoperability. In recent months, the creation of tools that makes possible the “layering” in the blockchain, among the supporters to fork bitcoin, it seems, has become a trend.

As you know, many developers and projects are chasing the “Holy Grail” of anonymity of digital currency – privacy issues have always occupied a special place in the community.

The Project “Tokenshuffle”

The developers of Bitcoin Cash enthusiastically worked on the implementation of this idea. 12 Oct programmer Chris Troutner (Chris Troutner) published a concept called the Tokenshuffle which are not occupying a lot of disk space wallet, using two types of protocols for mixing of cryptocurrency. Trutner described the essence of the idea on Github, noting that the project is open source application — will be implemented after consideration by the community.

“Tokenshuffle is a Protocol to ensure anonymity Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and increase its interchangeability. This Protocol is conventionally based on the idea of Coinjoin and Coinshuffle, and, according to expectations, will be implemented as a lightweight web application, with which people can interact on the condition of anonymity,” explains Truter on Github.

According to him, Tokenshuffle “initiate new protocols, token, built on top of Bitcoin Cash, such as Wormhole”, with the developer stresses, other protocols tokens can also be used.

Development continues Cashshuffle

Another team working on the tool to enhance the anonymity of transactions in the BCH project Cashshuffle — also recently, rather, just a day later published a road map of the project showing the many efforts by developers to develop privacy tool. In document programmers Cashshuffle clarify the project objectives, and how they intend to come to “the next phase of maturity in the next 1-2 months” and “finally be a real solution for the interchangeability of Bitcoin for Cash”.

Judging by the road map, the developers continuously were in search of solutions to liquidity problems, working with a bot that mixes the coins for users with insufficient number of participants. The team also considered the possibility of using other ideas such as incentive mechanisms like Coinjoin Protocol. However, programmers Cashshuffle promise that “serious things”, which is on the way, will separate their solution from other methods of increasing privacy.

For example, a blockchain-engineer Josh Ellithorp (Josh Ellithorpe) proposed a mechanism that allows the wallets to pre-shuffle rosters insights unspent transactions (UTXO).

“This can happen in the background, and when You need to make a payment, Your coins will already be mixed,” writes the team Cashshuffle.

In addition, reportedly, a leading developer of Electron Cash Ronald of Fiotball (Jonald Fyookball) have worked hard to build Cashshuffle in the popular “light” client BCH. The team claim that the process of creating a privacy tool will also cross checked by an independent audit for security.

According to programmers, a new idea of Ellithorpe about mixing UTXO automatically in the background would significantly increase the efficiency of the process.

“It should be a matter of great liquidity, since the tool will be widely distributed among many users, and this can happen in the background, not when someone is waiting for payment — it will be a natural incentive for everyone to participate and get pleasure from using privacy features”, — the developers Cashshuffle.

They add that as part of the solution will be preserved a model of client-server and the client can mark a group of active servers, and then “every time there is mixing, the client randomly will select one of the active servers”; in the presence of multiple servers, the solution will retain the “resistance to censorship”.

At this point, the idea of Trutner “Tokenshuffle” got some feedback on Github, while the road map Cashshuffle discussed in great detail on the forum Reddit. The concept of privacy in the chain of BCH are welcomed by the majority of community members expressed great interest in increasing the level of interchangeability of Bitcoin Cash.

We will remind, recently of intentions to run their own exchange, using Coyne as the base currency said one of the main proponents of BCH Roger Ver (Roger Ver).