According to TechCrunch, the developer of Adblock Plus, eyeo GmbH, the company will use blockchain technology in its browser extension Trusted News.

The official website says that this extension separates the fake from the authentic news, and after adding in the browser marks the sources of such labels as “trusted”, “unknown”, “klickbar” or “satire”.

Conclusions about the credibility of the news are based on data from PolitiFact, Snopes, Wikipedia and Zimdars. Extension is working with MetaCert Protocol, which uses the registry URLS for fraud. It is expected that in the future a database of Trusted News will be transferred to the Ethereum blockchain.

Also, the company plans to issue tokens to MetaCert to avoid the risk of manipulation by malicious parties or damage to data.

Ben Williams (Ben Williams), is the Director of ecosystems, in an interview with TechCrunch said that Trusted News will provide users the opportunity to leave feedback about some of the ratings, and even challenge them if they do not agree with bear this label:

“They can say, “Hey, I don’t disagree with the fact that this site needs to be specified as unreliable, and here’s why…” We will use this feedback to improve our product. Therefore, our task to ensure that this was done not to a specific server and a third party, and that this was directly on the blockchain. This feedback was headed there, and to valuable feedback received remuneration”.

Williams stressed that while the project is in the testing stage, and now eyeo wants to know whether users think this product is useful. He also added that to Trusted News is not created “white list”, which members will be able to avoid the test.

If this extension becomes popular, then later it promised to add additional features, like the ability to report about bias in news articles based on which side of the political spectrum they fall.

It is worth noting that in addition to the eyeo problem of fake news are also busy and other major companies. So last fall, Facebook announced the creation of indicators of trust attached to the articles placed on their website. And this spring, with a similar initiative by Google, saying that it will spend $300 million to create the platform of Google News Initiative.

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