How to claim of relevant media, today’s decline in the cryptocurrency market is associated with a sharp decrease of capitalization of the US stock market. For three hours the total cost of digital assets decreased by $16 billion; the reduction in value of the shares observed on the Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nasdaq.

In addition stabilio least critically responded to changes in the market bitcoin, losing about 4% of the cost and saving rate at $6300 (according to CoinMarketCap at the time of publication of the material). The decline of quotes Ethereum, IOTA, Stellar, XRP and Bitcoin Cash exceeded 10%; the loss of most of cryptocurrencies are in the range 7%-10%. Earlier, the market showed signs of slow but sure recovery in connection with the flow of news about the active investments of institutional investors.

The decline began a few hours after the lowering of the main indices: the Dow Jones Index lost 832 points, NASDAQ — by 4.1%. For both indices is the worst performance in eight months. Among the companies whose shares have fallen in price due to a change of the trend include Nike, Microsoft, Visa, Apple, Boeing, Netflix, Nvidia, Adobe and Amazon. CCN claims, their losses are in the range 7%-10%.

The main reason for the publication describes the growth rates. In 2009, the US Federal reserve and the Central banks of the EU and Japan lowered the interest rates. After September 26 the Federal reserve has decided to further increase — for the third time within the last year — conditions were created for the temporary turbulence of the stock market as a whole.

The last time the correlation of the graphs of market capitalization of stock exchanges and cryptocurrency was observed during the February slump. At the same time Google reported a decline in interest in the cryptocurrency, based on data from search queries.