The Creator of Dogecoin Jackson Palmer (Jackson Palmer) said that the developer first needs to work on how to convince users to switch from centralized applications to dApp’s. According to the programmer, just create a solution is not enough, and belief in reverse dooms any project to failure.

“Logic is like “you just need to let it out, and people will come” simply does not apply in relation to the target blockchains, because it suggests that a huge part of users are so disappointed in centralized counterparts, he did not hesitate to cover the usually high intermediate costs,” said Palmer.

For example, the demand for decentralized stock exchange has grown so that Binance, the world leader in platforms for trading digital assets ahead of time announced the intention to launch a similar service.

Despite the apparent demand statistics of real usage suggests otherwise: according to Dapp Radar, the total daily user activity on the three most popular decentralized exchanges is not more than 4000 accounts, and trading volume at times yield the same value of the first hundreds of centralized trading platforms.

Palmer also stressed that the actual use of the main crypto-currencies as means of payment is not growing due to the fact that people perceive them as relatively stable savings funds. Partly to blame and branch of the company:

“At the same time, “basic” independent cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ether, are increasingly perceived by the masses as investment instruments […] applications for private investments, like Robinhood and others… So many BTC or ETH is just “another market””.

Assuming that decisions on the scale of the Ethereum blockchain work, decentralized apps will be optimized further to make it easier for users to migrate to dApp counterparts and give them an extra incentive for this transition.

For example, the developer of Brave Software motivated the audience to use their browser through the rewards program, launched in April this year. By the end of August, the number of users who downloaded the Android version reached 10 million people.