The Moscow government told about the launch of the beta version of the system on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain intended for distribution to retail outlets during weekend markets.

The system collects and stores applications from private entrepreneurs for placing their tents on the commercial stations. Such plots in the season of fairs of the day off, which began April 20 and will run until 25 November, there are about 15 000. At this time their products at the fairs offer entrepreneurs from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. All applicants is about 20 000 per year, respectively, not each of them can get trading place.

The idea was to record statements to the Ethereum blockchain and update their status in accordance with the got to take consent to the placing of tents or not. This was told by the product Manager in the field of blockchain technology in the city hall of Moscow Andrey Borodenkov.

“The blockchain is an additional guarantee that incoming applications remain unchanged. Additionally, the technology makes it possible to check the history of such requests,” added the Manager.

As written in the statement of the government of Moscow, the entire database is stored on the platform, available for public viewing and downloading. The need to create such a service was driven by discontent with the current system of reviewing applications.

Andrey Belozerov, Advisor for strategic projects and innovation in the mayor’s office of Moscow believes that the new system will help to resolve problematic issues, due to the fact that will make the data that previously could only be viewed by state authorities, more accessible to the General public.

“We believe that there should be a transparent system that will allow farmers to see their application rejected or not,” — said Belozerov. “The blockchain will provide the process with full transparency, and no one will be able to make changes to applications and decisions on them”.

We will remind that in March the Government of Moscow announced the launch of the project “Digital home”, which aims to allow residents of high-rises to take part in the vote on domestic issues. Platform according to the principle of operation is similar to the platform for voting on the Active citizen, operating on a private blockchain Ethereum.