The Commission on trade commodity futures (CFTC) has requested public comments about cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) and the technology that underlies it. The cryptocurrency community has linked this step with the widely debated question of the regulation of futures contracts on Ethereum.

The first in the cryptocurrency industry has futures bitcoin (BTC). It happened almost a year ago. The derivatives immediately became very popular among investors. This success spawned a trend in the industry began to emerge futures other cryptocurrencies, including in the main altain Ethereum (ETH). However, with him it was not so simple.

In June, the representative of the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) recognized that Ethereum can not be called a security. This was joyful news for all enthusiasts, including those who wanted to engage in futures trading on the cryptocurrency. But the joy did not last long: the CFTC wanted to learn more about Ethereum and its underlying technology. Because of this, the Commission suspended the discussion of some particular issues.

We are talking about the Cboe stock exchange, operating in the direction of launch trading in futures contracts on Ethereum. The Chicago marketplace expects official approval from the CFTC, and previously thought that will be able to begin to release contracts for database cryptocurrency exchanges Gemini until the end of the year. Now, however, the Commission postponed the adoption of this decision and published a request to receive public comments on various questions about Ethereum. According to Bloomberg, the regulator therefore wants to understand the differences between bitcoin and ether.

The Agency issued 25 questions relating to various aspects of Ethereum. Here are some of them:

  1. Than the functionality and capacity of the ether and Ethereum different from bitcoin opportunities?
  2. What is the technology underlying the Ethereum different from the technology underlying bitcoin?
  3. Does the Ethereum network management network management is Bitcoin?
  4. How to trade derivatives on the air may affect the crypto currency and Ethereum network?

In a press release, CFTC noted that it expects the answers to all the questions within 60 days from the date of publication in the Federal register. The Commission also mentioned that the comments received will benefit FINTECH-the Agency’s initiative LabCFTC.