Focused on protecting the privacy browser Brave going to add the function of sending the donations, the users of Twitter and Reddit with their own payment systems.

Brave was created by Mozilla co-founder Brendan Eich (Brendan Eich), which is also known as the author of the JavaScript. Funding for the project was collected through ICO. The browser has a built-in adblocker and uses a reward system based on the blockchain for your favorite content creators and user sites.

Payment system is arranged as follows: the user enables the feature in the browser settings, and then gets the option to link their social media accounts with a BAT-purse (Basic Attention Token) and begin to send and receive Donata (tokens). The company explained how this mechanism will work for Twitter:

“If you like tweet, it can send the BAT to the one who wrote it, and if you want to tweet about it.”

This feature will be available to users later this year.

As reported by CNN, the streamers from Twitch and channel owners on YouTube have already registered as publishers Brave to get donuts in the BAT tokens from viewers and fans. Those users who want to send a reward publishers on a monthly basis, can independently set the amount in the wallet settings, or the browser will automatically determine the size of the donation depending on the time spent watching content of any publisher.

Two months ago, Brave has begun testing a feature allowing users to earn bitcoin by viewing ads confirmed advertisers do not collect sensitive data. In the long term, the company plans to “transfer” the users of 70% of advertising revenues. Publishers will receive a portion of these proceeds, but the most Brave will get a very tiny percentage.

It should be noted that Brave is not the only browser that deals with the integration of cryptocurrency with basic services. In July, Mozilla introduced the beta version of the web browser with a built-Ethereum-wallet for Android. Using cryptocurrency in beta you can pay for purchases in online stores.

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