The company-developer of the cryptocurrency online wallet will release hybrid wallet Blockchain Lockbox. Device and interface, created in conjunction with the Ledger, allow you to make transactions with the funds online and offline. At the same time Blockchain has opened pre-sales of Lockbox: the cost of the wallet on pre-order $99.99. The announcement took place on Thursday, October 25.

Lockbox owners can put part of their investments in a secure “cold” offline storage bin or use a web wallet that does not require connection to a physical media Lockbox to the computer.

Talking about how the device displays the vision and specialization of both companies, the CEO of Blockchain’s Peter Smith (Peter Smith) said:

“Lockbox is the embodiment of what our company do best. We created an elegant combination of software and physical media with greater functionality than any earlier analogues, which exist in our niche. We are pleased to introduce Lockbox users to enable them to manage their funds, seamlessly switching between online and offline stores”.

Hardware and software component of the Lockbox is based on a physical wallet Ledger Nano’s and uses special firmware Blockchain. Sending the first batches of pre-ordered devices will begin in mid-November.

The President Ledger Pascal Gauthier (Pascal Gauthier) said:

“Given the fact that news of the theft of the cryptocurrency has captured the headlines, security should be a top priority for all of kryptonyte. Thanks to the combined efforts of the Blockchain and Ledger users will get access to the best protection on both fronts. Our cooperation with the Blockchain is the first of its kind, but as both companies are paying special attention to security, it is quite natural”.

The announcement also mentioned that the owners of the wallets of the Ledger Nano’s will be able to link them to the Blockchain, thus obtaining an opportunity to dispose of their investments in online and offline modes, and also use the trading service into the Future.

The main competitor of Ledger in the market of hardware wallets is considered the best wallet. Yesterday, however, Japanese technology, Sony launched a similar contactless device. Sony representatives claim that their device includes a unique multi-application IC module-card that uses private keys for multiple types of transactions.