Monday, may 14, in the framework of the Blockchain Week NYC, in new York kicked off three days of blockchain-Consensus conference-2018. It is supported by the economic development Corporation of new York (NYCEDC), which is the first day of the event announced the launch of several initiatives aimed to transform the city into one of the largest blockchain capitals.

Chief among these projects is the plan for the opening of the “Blockchain” which will contribute to raising public awareness about this technology and the venue of negotiations among industry representatives.

The key topic of discussions at the centre will increase the attractiveness of the regulatory environment for business innovation. And this inevitably will mean a revision of the rules Regulations of the state of new York, entered into force in 2015, which are often criticized for being too strict and “deterrence” of startups from the Big Apple.

NYCEDC also announced a competition to generate ideas for improving municipal services through the blockchain, which is expected to start in late 2018. As a first step, the Commission will issue a request for proposals from organizations that want to participate in this contest.

Before the start of the conference NYCEDC together with the nonprofit organization GrowNYC, and CoinDesk has continued to sponsor the hackathon at times square, where developers worked to create solutions based on the blockchain to track the supply chain of food products for farmers markets throughout the city.

In the framework of the Blockchain Week NYC, which runs from 11 to 17 may, and planned to conduct several events, including a free job fair that will be held on Wednesday at the venue of Consensus 2018 — Hilton Midtown, located in Manhattan.

Karen Bhatia (Bhatia Karen), Vice-President of the Agency, said that NYCEDC oversees advanced technology for about a year, and, according to Karen, the potential beneficiaries of a blockchain are a major industry in the city — Finance, healthcare, media and real estate.

Economic development Corporation of new York considering the stimulation on blockchain activity as a strategic game, which can create thousands of new jobs. It should be noted that the NYCEDC is the official economic development Corporation of new York, and a Board of Directors appointed by the mayor and other senior leaders.

For blockchain center NYCEDC plans for the first year to provide $100,000 in initial funding. Given the volume of investments in the sector as a whole, Bhatia expects that the additional funding will come from private sources as required.

“When it comes to the blockchain, funding is not the biggest problem,” she said.

According to Bhatia for the centre plan to hire full-time staff, although NYCEDC has not yet decided how big it will be. With regard to the location of the future organization, the Agency is exploring several potential locations, including municipal property in the port South Street seaport. As explained Bharya, for will try to choose the most convenient for visitors location.

“This organization will become a social centre in which to learn more about what the blockchain, people, and the people working on new businesses that want to get some sort of a road map of how they should act.”

One of the aims of the center will be an attempt to force entrepreneurs and regulators “to conduct a real discussion on how regulation affects innovation and entrepreneurship in new York.” For this purpose, the centre plans to invite Federal regulators and representatives of the Department of financial services of the state of new York, which have established rules Regulations.

Although NYCEDC recognizes the need for regulation to protect consumers, the center will look for ways to do it without infringing on startups.

“We understand that these rules affect the blockchain-companies that operate here in new York,” concluded Bhatia.