Apple tightened its official App store regarding the publication of applications related to the field of cryptocurrencies. The changes affect applications for cryptocurrency, wallets, exchanges and platforms for initial placement of coins (ICO).

The App Store currently contains about 783 thousand games and over 2.3 million of non-fiction. Among them is a small part of the program for operations with cryptocurrencies and bloccano. Apple recently changed the rules regarding the posting of such applications. Such a decision the company made after reaching an agreement with a group of developers Union, which fought for the right to publish for free in the App Store trial versions of their applications.

Together with the new rules was developed a list of criteria that must be met by all applications for cryptocurrency: wallets, exchanges, and platforms for ICO, and applications for mining. Latest completely banned because for the production of digital currencies, they use the computing power of iPhones. Only allowed programs that bottom on the cloud, without using the device itself.

“Keep cryptocurrency in applications-purses developers, registered as an organization,” says Apple in its official blog. — “And to make transactions and cryptocurrency transfers on the stock exchanges in the official application exchanges themselves”.

These rules are roughly the same for all types of applications involving digital currencies. Placement programs for the ICO, trade, cryptocurrency futures, securities and securities quasiternary allowed only for banks, companies trading in securities, futures intermediaries and other approved financial institutions. All of them should obey existing laws.

The new rules also includes a provision that affects already uploaded to the App Store. It prohibits apps offering currency for performing various tasks. For example, downloading other apps call users to download, posting to social networks and the like.

Despite a rather strict policy of Apple in regards to cryptocurrency, one of the founders of the company, Steve Wozniak (Steve Wozniak), by contrast, is a long-time supporter. So, at a recent conference, Money 20/20 Europe, he expressed the hope that bitcoin will eventually become a single world currency. He also spoke positively about Ethereum and said that the startup has the potential to become the “cryptocurrency of Apple”.

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