Yesterday representatives of the Ministry of science and technology of Ethiopia and startup Cardano signed a Memorandum of understanding (MOU). According to the document, the company will help the Ethiopian developers to implement the blockchain in information processes of the agricultural sector, but will also increase the skills of local programmers. It is reported by The Next Web.

Information about the conclusion of an agreement confirmed CEO and Creator of Cardano Charles Hoskinson (Charles Hoskinson). In his blog he wrote on Twitter:

“Just signed with the Ethiopian Ministry of science and technology MOU on the future of learning blockchain developers and use Cardano in the agricultural industry.”

John O’connor (John O’connor), leader of the African direction IOHK, the parent company Cardano, stated that Ethiopian developers plan to start using a special platform on the blockchain Cordano until the end of 2018. Exact date not yet named.

8 APR quotes own token Cordano ADA showed a relatively stable growth. At a cost of $0.02 on starting in September 2017, at the time of publication notes ADA was trading at a rate of $0,36. As a method of protecting the blockchain alithina uses a PoS because of its supposed low energy consumption.