According to Omni Explorer, yesterday stablecoin Tether in the ratio of 1:1 to the US dollar, has generated another 250 million new tokens.

Recall that the previous issue of 250 million tokens occurred in the last month. Prior to this, coins in the amount of $300 million was released in March, which led to a slight increase in price of BTC and has caused sharp criticism from the naysayers of the cryptocurrency.

One of their main complaints was the lack of confidence in the presence of piatogo security tokens produced due to the fact that the official audit stablecoin has not been carried out.

It should be noted that the rupture of relations with audit firm Friedman LLP without explanation in late January, raised doubts that Tether really has listed on the website $2.2 billion to cover its tokens.

And just last week, the company finally provided a Bank report, but instead to reassure the critics and dispel all doubts about the transparency of the company, this document raises questions about its completeness and competence of the auditor.

In addition, among the latest news related to Tether — research professors from the University of Texas, which resulted in the assumption that last year stablecoin was used in the manipulation, aimed at supporting prices of BTC during periods of market downturns bitcoin. The CEO denies this.

After the message about the new issue, the founder of Litecoin Charlie Lee (Charlie Lee) tweeted that the release of 250 million USDT can be compared with the Deposit of $250 million on the exchange of crypto currencies, but this does not mean that the purchase of cryptocurrency, this amount will be made immediately.

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