Test run the updates Ethereum Constantinople in Ropsten on the block 4,230,000, stalled the work of testnet and caused problems with the consensus.

The process was displayed on the websites of the reviewers of blocks Etherscan and Blockscout. It became clear that the October 13 Ropsten stalled on the block 4,299,999, and the next for a long time did not appear.

As explained by the Manager of the Ethereum client Parity, sedan the Afri (Afri Schoedon), a shutdown took place due to the fact that not all miners in the network Ropsten activated Constantinople. In other words, they just have not updated their software. Then Sedon asked the developers to download the updated Ropsten-nodes, i.e., servers able to create the required block.

The findings of Sedona confirmed Ethereum developer Peter Silage (Peter Szilagyi) and applied to certain miners personally performing all the necessary actions. As ironically noted by Seton, it seems, the weekend is not the best time to start Constantinople at Ropsten.

According to Sedona, Ethereum developers are unanimous in the opinion that if at Ropsten there are any serious problems, they will not be able to fully activate Constantinople in the current year. Recall that earlier we talked about the postponement of the test run Constantinople. According to the developers it was necessary for the miners had time to prepare for the test.