In the last month, the fluctuations of bitcoins unprecedented trading range between $6200 and $6700 enabled many alithina a few to start from their own familiar position, having received as opportunities for growth a combination of factors such as the increase in the number of use cases and market speculation.

One of the cryptocurrencies which is strongly influenced by the situation, token ecosystem Brave BAT (Basic Attention Token BAT), which showed a 56% increase from your minimum weekly rate. At some point the growth of the BAT even exceeded 70%, before his meteoric rise is stopped and the token is returned to a more plausible $0,26.

Despite the fact that the price failed to gain a foothold near the maximum weekly indicators, a 24-hour chart suggests that BAT is still trading at the rate of 10% plus, significantly outperforming other oldoini. At the time of the publication of the famous crypto-currencies like XRP and ETH — flat, their rates have fallen by 0.43% and 1,08% respectively.

The growth of the BAT began on 10 October when its price was slightly above $0,15. A few days later, on October 12, the token got to the mark of $0.19 but a few days slid back to $0,17. The next week was the most successful for cryptocurrency token rose $0.17 to $0,29.

Increases not only the rate but also the utility of

One of the factors behind the growth rate of the token release of an updated version of browser Brave — the search engines, which, as we know, has many cryptocurrency functions.

On October 18 in his blog, Brave has announced the update of the system, which is probably further strengthened the upward trend prevailing at the time. The release highlighted some significant changes in the platform, including the addition of features that increase the level of confidentiality, and the transition from codebase Electron to the Chromium base, which Brave is much faster.

“Along with today’s release, we share the results of internal performance tests and indicators that reflect the significant performance advantages of the new Chromium-based browser, and it is in addition achieved by a simple block unwanted content. The average loading time compared to the version of Brave on Muon decreased by 22%, which makes this release is our fastest browser in history. These achievements can save from 8 to 12 seconds on some sites,” explained team Brave.

The developers have also added in the browser’s new features, including giving users more control over privacy when using the platform.

In addition, Brave introduced the first beta version of its rewards program, allowing users to transfer donuts to BAT to their favorite creators of online content through microtransactions.

High hopes for Coinbase

In addition, it really increased the utility, not the last role in strengthening of BAT was played by the assumption that the token will be the next cryptocurrency that will add to the listing exchange Coinbase.

BAT was in the number of currencies whose support is considered by the developers of the exchange, — the announcement was made on Coinbase in July. Probably the idea that, as in the case of the ZRX, add the token in listing his price will soar, became attractive to many investors.

Recall that after the announcement of exchange support ZRX cryptocurrency has grown considerably in price, starting growth in September, lowest rates $0.46 in the end, the aggregated markets, surpassing the mark of $1. At the time of publication 0x is trading at a price of $0,89.