Yesterday Swiss online Bank Dukascopy announced the planned holding of ICO. As a platform for the tokens was selected as the Ethereum blockchain. Currently the Bank expects the approval of the Department for supervision over the financial market.

The decision was taken to expand mobile banking. Dukascopy only plans to produce 25 billion tokens (Dukascoin).

Under the terms of the design of the user agreement when you create an account in Mobile Current Account and/or special Bank messenger Connect 911 customer will receive five free tokens. The same reward is given for the placement of referral links on the website of Dukascopy. For each such link, the Bank also lists the 10 tokens in the private reserve. In the future, the assets will be auctioned in large lots (100 000) to stimulate circulation.

Bank customers will be able to freely send and receive tokens Dukascopy. The Bank will also provide a platform for buying and selling Dukascoin; however, not reported whether this is a separate service or cryptocurrency section of the existing Forex exchange Bank. It is expected that the service will be launched in the next three months.

In addition, Dukascopy will release its own stablein, Dukasnotes. It will be provided by physical currency; in the press release does not specify which. White paper Dukasnotes not yet published. According to representatives of Bank, Dukasnotes will appear on the market later than the main token.

In the same press release stressed that initially Dukascoin will play a supporting role in the promotion of applications of Dukascopy:

“Dukascoin was conceived as a crypto-currency payment agent, has limited supply and is intended for payment, and for speculative activities. It is expected that the cost Dukascoin will increase due to the limited number of tokens. Asset primarily designed to reward new customers as part of a major campaign to promote messenger Dukascopy Connect Mobile 911 and Current Accounts”.

In the case of a positive decision of the authorities Dukascopy will become the world’s first Bank using ICO as a model of financing. Perhaps it will also be tolchkom to release the state of cryptocurrency. This idea has already been voiced by the Federal Council in may.