A study conducted by members of the aggregator CryptoCompare showed that 85% of scriptaction enable teams of developers to make changes in the Protocol of their platforms. The report was published yesterday on the website of the company.

It is reported that in the course of work has been reviewed hundreds of crypto and blockchain projects, and as a result, the experts indicated a clear trend towards centralization due to the presence of utility-tokens running on controlled servers.

Insights CryptoCompare are as follows: at least 85% of the developers can change the Protocol of their projects at any time in its sole discretion.

Annual taxonomy cryptocurrency also showed that 55% of the existing scriptaction actually centralized, while another 30% — polycentrality. As a result, only 16% of all existing cryptocurrencies are completely decentralized ecosystem. However, it is worth noting that the amount CryptoCompare it turns out 101% instead of 100%, suggests that the errors here, too, may be the place.

Less decentralized assets are the tokens used as means of payment. So, according to the report, nearly 41% of these tokens are centralized, while another 22% — centralized “to some extent”.

In addition, the report CryptoCompare allows to conclude that the majority of cryptocurrencies from a technical point of view can be classified as securities. To prove this, the authors appealed to the leadership of the Swiss Agency for supervising financial markets (FINMA).

According to the criteria offered by FINMA, bitcoin and Ethereum can’t be classified as securities due to the lack of identifiable common enterprise and a high level of decentralization. And yet CryptoCompare notes: 55% of scriptaction may be treated as securities and fall under existing regulations.

We will remind, in July CryptoCompare became the official data provider of bitcoin canadian media company Thomson Reuters, which owns the international news Agency Reuters. The collaboration has enabled the Agency to include 50 additional tokens in your information packet data platform, Eikon, designed for institutional investors.