More than half of Russians heard nothing about cryptocurrency, and only 13% understand principles of their work. These are the results of a survey conducted by research holding Romir.

For sociological research, the sample was defined in the amount of 1,500 people from different types of settlements of all Federal districts of the country. People were asked what they know about bitcoin and whether they want to buy it. As it turned out, 44% had heard something about digital currencies, 31% are aware of them, but a clear understanding not have, and only 13% know very well how cryptocurrencies. The last group mainly consists of people aged 18-31 year.

Replying to another question, 87% of study participants who knew about the cryptocurrency said that buy it are not going. 11% said they would not mind to purchase digital currency, and only 2% already storing tools in it. Most buy bitcoin and ether, and five times more often.

According to the President of Romir, doctor of sociological Sciences Andrey milehin, the study reflects the minor status of cryptocurrencies for residents of Russia who do not yet use them as a financial tool.

“Russian society, earlier times bigasstease on various schemes, demonstrates in this case, healthy skepticism,” commented the scientist.

The Russian government is in the process of establishing legal norms concerning the cryptocurrency sphere. For many years, legislators have expressed an ambiguous opinion on this matter, and in March talking about the drafting of bills that would fill gaps in regulation, and the revision of legal acts. Also, President Vladimir Putin gave the order to enact appropriate legislation by 1 July, but the State Duma has postponed discussion for the fall.

Interestingly, in January, the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) conducted a similar survey of Russians about bitcoin. The figures were similar to those shown by recent research Romir. 56% of respondents then stated that they know about bitcoin, and 13% said that their knowledge is deep. 9% of people said that in the future would have bought BTC.

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