The developer of a decentralized ecosystem of payments and OTC trading Stronghold announced the release of stabilin on the basis of the blockchain Stellar. Quotes Stronghold USD pegged to the US dollar at a ratio of 1:1. Security token reserve is under the management of the state trust company PrimeTrust.

As stated in a press release, Stronghold plans to use the blockchain for issuing and transaction of its tokens. The asset liquidity is maintained through the exchange of the company’s services and custodial support PrimeTrust.

Stronghold USD can be used as a tool to regulate liquidity on the foreign exchange or exchanges for international payments and as a lending transaction trading networks and ecosystems. According to co-founder and technical Director of the Stronghold of Sean Bennett (Sean Bennett), similar tokens are extremely important for the scope of asset management:

“The process of settlement and trading assets of every kind, from digital to traditional currencies, must evolve as soon as financial institutions are looking for ways of entering the markets of the assets of another class, such as cryptocurrencies. Asset-backed tokens capable of supporting uninterrupted access to all currencies, optimizing cash flow in global scale.”

Co-founder of Stellar McCaleb jed (Jed McCaleb) called Stronghold USD “cornerstone of mass implementation network Stellar”.

Stronghold has already signed an agreement with IBM on the use of its “anchor” as part of the commercial networks IBM Blockchain Network. Jesse Lund (Jesse Lund), Vice President, global markets of IBM, optimistic about the cooperation and potential Stronghold USD:

“The digitization of real assets by using the blockchain is able to change many types of financial transactions around the world. New tools are provided with Fiat money such as token Stronghold USD — have the potential to improve the basis of international banking and payments, allowing banks to easily integrate their services with the public block chain and maintain its operational infrastructure and legitimizing virtually unchanged”.

This is not the first case of cooperation of IBM with the Issuer of digital assets on the blockchain Stellar. In may, the Corporation announced jointly with Veridium Labs tokenization carbon credits are certificates that guarantee owners the right to offset 1 ton of carbon nevypolnima.

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