Stratis London company specializing in solutions to simplify the development of the block chain, announced a platform for smart contracts in C#. Playground Stratis Smart Contracts C# uses the framework .NET.

The platform was developed from scratch, unlike some similar projects that required the use of one or more brand new programming languages, often along with a new Decompiler software and integrated development environments (IDE).

In the announcement it is said that Stratis greatly simplifies the integration of smart contracts with existing network architecture. CEO Stratis Chris Trew (Chris Trew) said:

“We believe that smart contracts is the backbone of the blockchain technology as a decentralized, transparent market, and the more it is open to beginners, the faster will be its mass adoption. Our basic solution based on C# and .NET has already expanded the scope of smart contracts and we look forward to the moment when we can see the results of its application.”

Some experts, whose names Stratis did not disclose for whatever reasons, I think that the platform took the market a favorable position in the future may become the main standard for the development of smart contracts. The company plans to add support for functional language #F, extensively used by the programmers in the financial services industry.

At the end of the announcement Trew added:

“We are in Stratis are convinced that the blockchain will change the world, and we are working on products that will make this new world more inclusive and friendly as possible. Stratis Smart Contracts C# is especially designed to welcome into this world…”

In addition to Stratis, on the availability of the designs smart contracts work Agoric. Instead of C# startup uses its own language to JavaScript.