An analyst at the Washington legal company Anderson Kill (USA) Stephen Pelley (Stephen Palley) stated that the cryptocurrency should not be discarded. In a Bloomberg interview aired yesterday, the analyst also explained that the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) and the public statements of its representatives actually does not have a large impact on the market, what did she prescribe the media.

Pelley emphasized that the verdicts of the SEC are not “condemning” nature, especially if we are talking about law enforcement or issuance of orders cease protivopravnykh action. On the contrary, the lawyer, the supervisor openly admits that blockchain is “great” technology and tries to develop an appropriate legal framework.

Pelley cited the cases of the ICO two projects Airfox and Paragon — which the Commission ordered to pay a fine of $250 000, and to return to investors their investment. He added:

“In its verdict, the SEC was simply common sense. The fact that we are talking about newfangled technology that does not mean that the conventional laws do not apply. In their statements, and in making both rulings, the SEC has repeatedly stated that he believes the technology is “cool” and encourages innovation, but we must not forget about the law”.

The lawyer also denied allegations that the recent decline in the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies is associated with the activities of the Commission. Continuing to talk about the current negative trend, he said that those who purchased the cryptocurrency in the end of 2017, certainly was at a disadvantage, but in the long run, bitcoin should not refuse because it is “revolutionary technology”.

Previously, the Commission on securities and stock exchanges was often accused of creating negative coverage of the cryptocurrency industry. However, the latest decline is more often associated with the updating of the network of BCH, in which the chain was divided into two independent fork.