Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (Steve Wozniak) will work with bloccano. In an exclusive interview to the journalist Nulltx the conference ChainXchange programmer talked about his passion for bitcoin and the technology behind it.

“I like to keep up with the times… Bitcoin caught my attention. […] Its Creator is unknown. It has no centralized component. It is based on mathematics. There is a certain amount of bitcoins that can ever exist. Math for me is like nature. It is much better than humanity… I trust such natural things more than what comes up with people. Man invents currency, controls the release of a new U.S. dollars every year; bitcoin is immune from all this”, — commented on his position Steve Wozniak.

Note, the famous electronic engineer and inventor, at the time, “brought together” the computers Apple I and Apple II, which actually started a “third technological revolution”, marked the beginning of an era of universal computerization and the Internet, have said that such “naturalness” bitcoin “is much more important than all of our human conventions”, making it “superior gold and inflated the dollar”.

According to the programmer, after he learned about the appearance of the first cryptocurrency, it has become more and more interested in the technology on which it is based.

“At first when I heard about the blockchain, I couldn’t understand him. It’s not what you know in one day. You think about it, reading more, learning how it works, and then see people actually starting to use it via process mining and verification, and Aha! Everything goes!” said co-founder of Apple.

He added that he was amazed bloccano that is “so independent”, and its opportunities.

“It’s like the Internet when it was brand new… I was amazed by the technology behind all this,” admitted Wozniak.

Faced with people who create companies, which use the blockchain can change for the better familiar spheres of life, “especially those where there are transaction retail, sale of machinery, manufacturing goods,” he said to himself that these projects “have value”, which, however, still see a few.

“Some people can see the value that it reminds me of the early days of Internet development,” said Steve Wozniak.

The famous computer engineer made a surprise announcement: he’s going to start working with bloccano. According to him, it will happen “very soon”, probably the project will be launched in Malta around the time of the event on the island of blockchain conference.

“Very soon I will be the first time to participate in the blockchain of a company called Equi… Our approach is not the launching of a new currency or something fake, where one event causes the rising cost. It is the proportion of shares in the company. In the framework of this organization investment reputable investors will be focused on good things like construction of buildings in Dubai,” said Wozniak, adding that Malta is among the countries with a “positive” attitude to the blockchain.

At the end of the discussion also touched upon the benefits of platforms such as Ethereum, which the programmer had once called the probable future “of Apple in the world of cryptocurrencies”. According to him, Wozniak sees the use of Ethereum is the same as it was in the case of Apple: it’s about the appearance of the platform on which thousands of companies develop their own applications.

“Ethereum contributes to the emergence of tools for your own blockchain application… I see more people using Ethereum for this purpose, but bitcoin is still a digital gold,” concluded co-founder of Apple.

It is worth noting that Steve Wozniak worked with Steve jobs (Steve Jobs), mainly from 1976 to 1981, and finally moved away from Apple in 1985. Since then, he has implemented a number of philanthropic and technological initiatives, including being the author of the first universal technology for distance education for K-12 schools.

Wozniak, being a frequent guest at techno conferences have repeatedly expressed their opinion about the cryptocurrency. In particular, I want to see bitcoin as a single world currency, a programmer suggested that the peak of the leading cryptocurrency and blockchain should be expected not earlier than in 10 years. In addition, he recently noted that the state of the industry the blockchain is still very similar to the dot-com bubble 1995-2001 due to the fact that while the blockchain-the company income is mainly due to the attractive promises.