Co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak (Steve Wozniak) hopes that bitcoin will become the de facto single global currency. He said this during the conference, Money 20/20 Europe.

Writes CNBC, Wozniak draws the “correct” idea that people around the world ever used the same money, regardless of state borders. Commenting on the words of the CEO of Twitter and Square Jack Dorsey (Jack Dorsey) that BTC will become a single currency in 10 years, he said

“I believe Jack Dorsey, not that I necessarily believed it, but I want that to happen, this is a very good idea.”

Wozniak has repeatedly expressed support for the cryptocurrency and decentralized registries in General. Like Dorsey, he believes that BTC and blockchain in 10 years will come to a whole new level.

The first bitcoin American inventor called the “pure digital gold” and “totally decentralized” asset since it is not tied to a specific company and business model.

“Bitcoin is defined by mathematics, he has a certain amount of stocks and there is no chief Executive or as a company that stood behind him, and he just… grows and grows… and holding. For me it is a sign of naturalness, and the naturalness is much more important than all our human conventions”.

Wozniak comments positively about Ethereum in the first place because it is a platform and not just a means of payment. He also said that Ethereum has the potential to become the “cryptocurrency of Apple”.