Co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak (Steve Wozniak) believe that Ethereum has the necessary potential to become the “Apple in the world of cryptocurrencies”.

A few months ago Wozniak began to learn more about cryptocurrency and the factors affecting their value. In his opinion, in the long term, Ethereum is much more likely to succeed.

In particular, Wozniak believes that the main advantage of Ethereum is that it is a platform. Unlike BTC or other alithinou, Ethereum was created not only for payments; it is an ecosystem that “flourish in the era of decentralization” due to applications, tools or other services. Wozniak even compared Ethereum with Apple during his work in the IT Corporation in a managerial position.

It is known that Wozniak owns some stock ETH and BTC. It is also positively expressed in the address of the first cryptocurrencies. So, in October he said that bitcoin is better than the U.S. dollar and gold; last week, he expressed confidence in achieving the BTC peak value within 10 years.