Co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak (Steve Wozniak) said that the condition of the blockchain-industry resembles a bubble Doctorow 1995-2001. The reason for this comparison was the current hype around the technology.

Speaking on Tuesday at a tech conference NEX in new York, Wozniak noted that, by analogy with the first online businesses that use the blockchain, basically earn attractive promises. Despite the fact that programmer and entrepreneur believes in the potential of the technology and believes it “absolutely reliable”, he believes that investors will have to wait long for the realization of these ideas. “If I see, in the case of Internet companies all happened, it just took some time,” said Wozniak, adding:

“Change cannot happen in a day, many initiatives related to Baccano, really good, but they burn through due to the lack of preparation for long-term stability.”

Steve Wozniak claims that the number of companies and initiatives which will survive the bubble, it will definitely be an Ethereum — because of the practical utility of the platform. He is also known for a consistently positive attitude towards bitcoin: Wozniak said first cryptocurrency “amazing” and hopes that in the future it will become the world’s sole means of payment. This, however, did not deter him from selling the majority of its stockpile of BTC during the December peak.

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