Co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak (Steve Wozniak) said that blockchain technology has attracted the attention of investors and developers due to bitcoin. During a speech at the conference Crypto Invest Summit in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Wozniak also compare BTC with gold, spoke about the mass introduction of cryptocurrencies and told than the current blockchain industry reminds him of the emergence of the ICT market.

According to Wozniak, the freedom provided by bitcoin, has become a major factor in the development of blockchain technology:

“Bitcoin really showed us that he could do the blockchain. There are a whole range of advantages, because there are [certain] of the Creator, no owner, no ties to any companies, no Central source of control. It caught our attention. And wherever I go, I meet with a huge number of people in life develop different applications that we use every day, and they will all be on the blockchain”.

In search of analogies Wozniak remembered about the gold rush and the beginning of his career in the ICT industry:

“Look at bitcoin, there is an example of — gold. And it’s just, wow, my God, no one controls it. And it really works. At first, people said the same thing about personal computers: “nothing will come of it”. No major company wanted to invest in it. In Hewlett Packard, where I worked, my idea was shot down five times […] commercials is not considered that this will at least be worth something. But we thought: “Oh my God, this is gonna be a different world if everyone will have computers.” […] We said, “Computer expands your options. It makes a person capable of more. People will be able to solve their problems themselves instead of porting the program to a working device and transfer the problem into the hands of the company””.

He continued, pokernow that the mass introduction of breakthrough technologies takes time, including because the market needs to weed out non-viable projects:

“You do see a radical breakthrough? Because such changes are slow, but all of the first online applications also went through it […] Every the blockchain app, which I hear [the causes thoughts like], “Wow, that’s interesting. Will this work?“, and in the end there are only those apps that work, and you need a lot of such waves. And it may take a while because it’s hard for people to change their attitude to what they do not understand.”

Steve Wozniak is known for his positive remarks in the media about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. Recently it became known that the businessman has joined the Executive staff blockchain project Equi.