Co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak (Steve Wozniak) gave a positive forecast for the development of blockchain technology and bitcoin.

During his opening speech at the conference WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2018, he said

“The blockchain is a new large-scale revolution in IT, which is about to happen.”

According to Wozniak, the blockchain and cryptocurrency to fully realize their potential in the next 10 years. He also quoted the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey (Jack Dorsey), who said in March that bitcoin will become “the only currency” in the world.

Such statements, co-founder of Apple had done in the past. So, at the conference “Money 20/20” held in October 2017 in Las Vegas, he stated that bitcoin is superior to USD and gold.

According to Wozniak, the main advantage of BTC is limbs common stock units, as dollars or euros allow allow the additional issue of the banks.

Despite the support of first cryptocurrency and ensuring the generation and circulation of technology, Wozniak said that he sold all his bitcoins, leaving only one BTC because “I do not want to be an investor and constantly observe the prices”.

Unknown influence whether the decision Wozniak loss of a part of the supply of bitcoins. Recall that in February, he reported the theft 7 BTC from his wallet; the total damage amounted to $71 400 (at the exchange rate at the time).