Australian startup working on cross-network blockchain payment system, has announced the release of stabilin on the basis of EOS. The launch will take place this year.

In a press release Havven, published today, stresses that the company does not intend to create a new asset. Instead, plan a “copy” of the blockchain EOS own token nUSD tied to the U.S. dollar. NUSD first was issued on the Ethereum blockchain in June of this year.

The developers assure, the move is not a transition to another network. Instead Havven hopes to create an independent infrastructure for the blockchain payment solutions, backed by a stable asset. The founder of Havven Kane Warwick (Worwick Kain) explained:

“[…] Cryptocurrency is still in the early stages of development, so it is unclear what blackany will be more scalable. It is therefore important that the providers of blockchain infrastructure provided in advance of cross-network compatibility, so their success does not depend only on the success of the selected block chain”.

The decision Havven about copying nUSD on EOS was taken only a month and a half after launch, independent of the blockchain eosio. In addition to Havven, on their own stabilium Tradeshift works. In July, a similar token-based blockchain has released a Stellar developer of decentralized payment structures.

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