Blockchain startup ConsenSys bought the enterprise space industries Planetary Resources, the plans of which — the extraction of minerals on asteroids.

As Planetary Resources said in a statement, ConsenSys has conducted a transaction for the purchase of assets, taking the company on the balance sheet, and its CEO Chris Levitsky (Chris Lewicki) and General counsel Brian Israel (Brian Israel) became part of the team of ConsenSys. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

In its history spanning six years, cosmic enterprise, created with the purpose of extraction of minerals on asteroids, launched in earth orbit a pair of satellites that have successfully experienced the one of the infrared imager. However, this summer, Planetary Resources ran into financial difficulties when unable to complete another round of financing.

ConsenSys founder Joseph Lubin (Lubin Joe) stated that he admires the track record of the company and the talent of its employees. According to the participants ‘ expectations, the deal will help the blockchain startup to bring to life their own space initiatives.

“The opportunity to bring the potential of outer space in the ecosystem ConsenSys reflects our faith in the ability of Ethereum is to help humanity to develop a new system of social rules through the automated trust and guaranteed execution,” explained Lubin.

He added that his team believes in the “democratization and decentralization of space enterprises”, which will “reveal the untapped potential of human capabilities.”

In turn, Levitsky noted that “is proud of the outstanding achievements of his team” and thanked those who have supported the company informed. It is assumed that Planetary Resources will continue its work on the “expansion of the sphere of influence of humanity into the solar system from an economic point of view.”

“For nearly a decade, Planetary Resources was a pioneer both in terms of technology, business, law and politics and fulfilled the obligation to bring space assets to the human understanding,” — said the representative of the company.

We will remind, as it became known in late September, a subsidiary of the company ConsenSys start the supply of renewable energy in Texas by solutions based on Ethereum.