Looks like a soft-miner SRBMiner becoming one of the main for cryptocurrency mining on algorithms family CryptoNight using AMD hardware. The developers provide their offspring fast and quality support, as well as the timely addition of new algorithms.

The new version SRBMiner for 1.6.0 has received the support of the new algorithm Haven (HVN), which coin will go after the block 89200 and fork Masari (MSR), which appears after the unit 204000. Also the updated version got some additional features and improvements, has become more stable. Although still the program crashes happen mainly on Windows with the latest update, 1803.

Recall that SRBMiner — it’s closed source inset Commission to the developer in the amount of 0.85%. The miner is only available in binary form for Windows and only works on AMD hardware. It is worth noting that support for AMD graphics cards is very wide, produce cryptocurrency on pretty old hardware, and really fresh.

The list of supported versions Cryptonight:

  • Cryptonight
  • Cryptonight V7
  • Cryptonight Lite
  • Cryptonight Lite V7
  • Cryptonight Heavy
  • Cryptonight IPBC
  • Cryptonight Artocash
  • Cryptonight Alloy
  • Cryptonight Marketcash
  • Cryptonight B2n
  • Cryptonight Stellitev4
  • Cryptonight Fast
  • Cryptonight Haven.

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