Veterans of the industry of mining might remember the Israeli company Spondoolies-Tech, which produces equipment for mining cryptocurrency more than two years ago. It turns out that the manufacturer had closed and introduced the new ASIC-miner called SPx36.

The company has decided not to return to the market for equipment for mining bitcoins. New miner is used for the X11 algorithm is very powerful and expensive. It develops, Hasrat 540 Gh/s with power consumption of 4,4 kW. Thus, the efficiency of the device is 8.1 J/GHs. Delivery Spondoolies Tech SPx36 will begin in October, but it will cost 15 $ 500.

Despite the news about the return of industry and good device characteristics, it is unlikely SPx36 will be very popular with the miners — because of the impressive prices and the General state of the cryptocurrency market. With the current state of the market, ASIC will produce about 10 coins DASH in a month, which is 10% of its price. Not so bad, but many will not take such a risk.

Specifications Spondoolies Tech SPx36:

  • Hasrat: 540 Gh/s with an accuracy of +/-10% at a temperature of 25 degrees
  • Energy consumption: 4400 W
  • Efficiency: 8,1 J/GHs
  • Operating temperature: 5°C – 35°C
  • Dimensions (including power supply): 595 mm x 434 mm x 88 mm (height)
  • Gross weight: 19.5 Kg.
  • Guarantee: 180 days.