Japanese tech giant Sony is going to patent the equipment to maintain the blockchain.

Two applications Sony called “Electronic assemblies and a method for maintaining a distributed registry and Device and system”. This is the first documents of the company, indicating that she is developing equipment for the blockchain. Before that Sony only used ready-made solutions in the areas of security and management of educational systems on the basis of data. The equipment described in new patent applications may form the basis for future products.

As is clear from the title of the first document, Sony develops hardware nodes for blockchain-network and method of maintaining a distributed registry that is in fact mining. The hardware nodes in one of the possible applications will be able to support the network, like bitcoin, open access, and tokens. In the application the detailed description of such a network:

“The distributed registry can be bloccano based on the principles of, for example, the network bitcoin. A distributed registry uses mining and mechanisms of proof-of-work and in the course of the mining can provide a reward (coins), as bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Moreover, such a network can use a consensus mechanism by which all nodes have agreement on the distributed registry”.

This does not mean that Sony manufactures its own crypto currency. But probably the company reserves the possibility, given that the proposed equipment and methods can be used for this purpose.

In the second application Sony focused on security measures in networks with a small number of nodes. Such networks, according to the company, and at greatest risk. To reduce the risks, Sony offers to create additional virtual hosts, using the device described in the application. It will be able to generate 10, 100, or even thousands of virtual nodes regardless of the number of real devices connected to the network.

Sony notes that baccani, which will operate their new equipment, can be both private and public.

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