Japanese ICT Softbank Corp. completed testing of the blockchain platform that allows mobile phone irrespective of the Telecom operators. The company announced today in a press release.

The technology was developed by Softbank in conjunction with a blockchain startup TBCASoft and Synchronoss is the company that implemented in Japan, the Protocol alternative to SMS, “advanced multimedia services,” or RCS.

The working concept systems combines RCS with a decentralized communication network. The main objective of the system is to replace the standard SMS messaging, multimedia content without the use of messengers, i.e. directly through a network of mobile operators. The system provides functional differences for subscribers of different providers.

Representatives of Softbank, said that such a system will be especially useful for those who often or for long periods of time abroad, since its basic decentralized network does not depend on roaming or any intermediaries.

Vice President of Softbank Corp. Fukuizumi Takeshi (Takeshi Fukuizumi) commented on the completion of the tests:

“A working version of mobile payment system based on the blockchain and RCS clearly demonstrated the value of carrier services. We not only assume that our solution motivates entrepreneurs to translate operational activities on a digital basis, and the scale previously only available to large brands, but that it will provide more freedom to our clients in respect of purchases and travel.”

A similar system that works by sending SMS messages, presented in August, the company Intuit. However, the development of Intuit supports only operations with bitcoin.