Family Zuckerberg increasingly becomes involved kriptonyte. A week earlier, the older sister of the founder of Facebook Randi Zuckerberg (Randi Zuckerberg) became a member of the Advisory Committee Huobi Chain.

Today Randy is the head of Zuckerberg Media in new York. In the past a girl with a Harvard education he worked as press Secretary and Director of marketing in Facebook. Due to the fact that Randy is not cooperating more directly with the social network, recently actively interested in Baccano, no conflict of interest here, unlike history with the former head of Facebook Messenger, David Marcus (David Marcus), who currently directs the crypto Department. In the beginning of the month Marcus had to withdraw from membership in the Board of Directors of the crypto currency exchange Coinbase.

In addition to Zuckerberg in a Committee consisting of seven experts, including investor and entrepreneur Jeffrey wernick (Jeffrey Wernick), and the co-founder and the head of the largest manufacturer of mining equipment, Bitmain Gihan Wu (Jihan Wu). Together they are a sort of nerve center for Huobi Chain. The Committee’s tasks will include providing professional advice and support of a competitive program Huobi Chain Superhero Championship, including assistance in the selection of the head of the project. He will lead the development of the public blockchain Huobi. The best developers will get a reward. In addition, the Committee will advise the exchange’s management on management and development Huobi Chain.

Facebook has opened its own research Department blockchain in may. Using the technology of the distributed registry the company hopes to solve problems that a huge number descended on the social network over the last year.

Recently, the company revealed some details about its blockchain initiatives on the basis of which the media appeared contradictory information. So in early August, Business Insider reported that Facebook is considering launching their own project based on the platform Stellar, possibly issue their own cryptocurrency. However, the representatives of the company told reporters that no fork Stellar not planned, and the media giant is not involved in any talks with the developers of the Protocol.